Launcing of Website of HSS and Sri Gurudakshina Celebrated at Triolet

Website was Launched by Swami Poornanand Ji, Organized by HSS Mauritius. The function was presided over by Sri Raghunath Deealji, Sanghchalak Mauritius and the chief speaker was Sri Prabhu Narain Srivastava(Prabhuji), Sah Prant Sangh Chalak, Avadh Prant, U.P., Rtd Chief Engineer and All Inda Organizing Secretary of Mahamana Malaviya Mission, India.

The website was launched in the presence of nearly hundred citizens of Mauritius. On this occasion Prabhuji highlighted the three Global problems .i.e. Global Terrorism, Global Recession and Global Warming. The entire world is engaged in resolving these subtle challenges mankind is ever facing. Hindu Dharam, since time immemorial has advocated life vision which addresses these problems in its entirety. It is because of this that the Hinduism has survived since thousands of centuries.

The inclusiveness of Hinduism has the remedy of all these global problems. The mother earth should be milked not bled to satisfy the unending material desires of the mankind, which has resulted into global warming and global recession. The global terrorism is also the outcome of the life vision of exclusivist, who propagates their religion through violence. Shreemad Bhagwad Geeta and other Hindu Scriptures have been awakening the ill effects of Global Terrorism, Recession and Warming since beginning.

It is a matter of satisfaction that mankind has at least started to recognize the efficacy of Hindu philosophy to bring about world piece and sustainable eco-friendly development, the testimony to which is the recitation of Vedic Richas in the Parliament of USA. It is a matter of pride that Mauritius has shown the path of cultural expansion for peace and brotherhood by Harmonizing French, English, Hindi, Bhojpuri and Creol languages.

Besides this the foundation of Trayodash Maurisheshwar Nath Jyotirling, Gangal Talao( Grand Bassin) Mauritius is a step forward to expand its cultural identity across the world. Prabhuji requested all the Hindu saints of India to give the recognition to this Trayodash Maurisheshwar Nath Jyotirling.

After the speech of Prabhuji Swami Poornanand Blessed the HSS for expanding its work in Mauritius. The sanghchalak of Mauritius Sri Raghunath Deealji elaborated the importance of Gurupooja and Bhagwa Dhwaj. All the swayamsevaks offered their oblations and the program was concluded by prarthana.

By- Pragya Srivastava

Non-residential Camp at Belle-Mare (Arunodaye Shakha)

22, 23 ,24 25 Dec 2009 Non-residential Camp at Belle-Mare (Arunodaye Shakha)

At Ganeshwaree Temple, Belle-Mare, we had 4 days non-residential camp. In the camp there were 3 sessions daily. Morning 6.00-8.00 we had training of ‘Danda’, ‘Niyudhana’ and ‘Yogchapa’ and ‘suryanamaskar’. At afternoon 14.00-1500 we had coaching of ‘Flute’, Hence we got basic knowledge about how to play ‘Flute’, which is a part of our ‘Ghosh’ (Band) training. Also at evening 17.30-18.30, the session had articulated in such a way that we received knowledge about different ‘Yogasanas’ and also the ‘Drill’ (samata) part of our Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh, i.e, orders ‘Daksha’, ‘Arama’, ‘Dwaj Pranam’ etc.

After the end of morning sessions, Shree Vishwamiraji has been telling us ‘Moral Stories’ which deeply inculcates ‘Valuable life values’ in all swayamsevaks and sevikas.

On 25th Dec 2009 we had our ‘concluding Ceremony’ at exactly 3 p.m

At beginning there were ‘Sanchalan’ of near about 60 swayamsevaks and sevikas. ‘Sanchalan’ starts with ‘Ghosh’ (Band) on main route of Belle-Mare. The local people keenly appreciate this discipline march of all swayamsevaks and sevikas.

After this we had demonstration by Arunodaye Shakha (Belle-Mare) following Gurugovind Singh Shakha (Montagne Blanche).

Deepa and Ashmita are the sevikas from Montagne Blanche who conducted demonstration of ‘Yogasan’, ‘Danda’ and ‘Niyudhana’. And Mavnish, Varun and sevika Varuna from Belle-Mare conducted demonstration of ‘Yogchapa’, ‘Danda’ and ‘Niyudhana’.

At last we all together sung “Galat Maat Kadam Uthao” followed by Amrut Vachanam of Swami Vivekananda by sevika Divya from Arunodaye Shakha.

Near about 50 parents were present in the program. After Sandipji’s (pracharak of HSS) speech about Gurupuja and all performed gurupujan in the presence of our Sanghchalak, Shree Ragoonath Deealji.

After ‘Sangh Praarthana’ the ‘karyakram’ ended and we distributed ‘prasad’ to everyone.

By Varun and Mavnish


Venue: Chitracoot Sanatan Dharma Sabha, Maha Kalimata Mandir, Vallee des pretres.

Organized by: Jagadamba Shakha in corporation with bajarangbali shakha.

Date: 18th to 20th Dec 2009.

Sankya: A daily sangkia of about 15 sevikas and swyamsevaks.


  • 6.30 to 8.00 am   -  Danda, Niyudhha and Yoachapa.
  • 11.00 to 12.00    - Ghosh Abhyaas
  • 17.30 to 18.30    - Shakha games & Samata

The shibir was expected to have a sangkia of 30 swyamsevaks and sevikas. It was thought that a big shibir was being organized but having a too little sangkia we decided to cancel our sanchalan that was prepared to be done on 20th dec 2009 which was of about 1 km. However we did not lost courage and after every session we went to see all the swyamsevak and asked them to try to attain the shibir.

During the shibir we did abhyaas of Danda khamika teen, yogchapa dwitale and chatushtale and niyudhha. And during the gosh session – flute we learned dhvajaropanam, anaka kirana abhyaas and also sankha.

Very fortunately on the last day we had among us senior swyamsevak Mayur who was from Kenya. His nice speech was about RSS and its fabulous works around the world. After our presentations between and audience of 40 parents we finally performed our Guru Pujan and by 3 pm the varg was over.

We sevikas and swyamsevaks of Vallee Des Pretres are very thankful to our Pracharak, Sandipji who despite the many difficulties he stayed by our side.

Author: Akshat Gopaul & Kusum Dusoruth

Shareerik Varga, 8-11 Dec Triolet

Triolet in Mauritius  is one of the oldest shakha kendra. Shivaji Shakha was founded in 1977 by Ma. Madhav da at Triolet Shivala. Therefore there are two generations of swayamsevaks and many sevikas too. Keeping this in mind we conducted 4 day shareerik varga at the same Maheshwarnath Mandir, the largest shivala of Mauritius.

Morning 6-30 to 7-30 we had sanghasthan for “suryanamaskar”, “danda” & “niyuddhaprayog. Evening 5-30 to 6-30 we had various types of shakha khel and samata. Senior swayamsevak Ashesh Ramjeeawon taught danda and suryanamaskar. Keshav Koober taught niyuddha and Harish Mohun took samata sessions.

Shivmay Koober was the mukhya shikshak of this varga that was held from 8th to 11th December. 25 swayamsevaks attended this varga daily. It was after a long time that such a varga has been conducted in Triolet.

Guru Puja Utsav of Shivaji Shakha  has been fixed on 27th Dec.09, at 3 pm in shivala. On the same day we are going to add new leaf in the history of Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh of Mauritius with the  launching of website of HSS Mauritius (  by Swami Purnanand ji of Sarvodaya Ashram, Triolet.

Ashesh Ramjeeawon who is into software development profession has a lion’s share in designing this website. So we ( HSS MAURITIUS) now have a place in web world also.

Some Photos:

Varga - Petit Sables

Non Residential Verga, 4-5-6 Dec.09, PETIT SALEB

Author: Sandip Paithankar Ji

It was wonderful and memorable “3 days Sangha Parichay Verga” in the first week of Dec.09 at PETIT SABLE, new place for our Sangha Work. It is exactly coastal village, from our SANGHASTHAN we were always in front of beautiful Sea Side and having fresh Air all the time.

Morning Sanghasthan has been started at 6-30am, at the beginning we had 3 OMKAR- Gayatri Mantra following EKATMATA MANTRA. 18 Swyamsewak & 10 Sewikas were attended this Verga. A big ground of SHIWALA was our SANGHASTHAN. All Swyamsewaks and Sewikas learned “DANDA” & “NIYUDHHAprayog at morning ,after that between 11am to 12 noon we had  “Banshi” ( Flute ) session and at evening 5pm. to 6-30 pm. Various types of our SHAKHA games and PRATHAMIC  SAMATA( essential Sharirik karyakram for our Shakha).

Every session was very joyful there. Local people came to the Shiwala to watch our Karyakram , so we got  great audience every time. It was previously planned that every time 2, 3 swyamsewaks or sewikas will bring juice for all shibirarthis, so after each session we had glass of juice following BHOJAN MANTRA.

At last we arranged parent meeting, to give information  about HINDU SWYAMSEWAK SANGH,

At the end of VERGA, all shibirarthis got primary knowledge about SHAKHA and different Sharirik Karyakram of SHAKHA. It has been decided that there SHAKHA will continue in future on every Sunday between 6-30am. To 7-30 am. ANISH is the MUKHYASHIKSHAK of shakha.

New Chat Room now available!

We now have our Chat room available on HSS Mauritius website!

Link: meeting

A meeting was held on the premises of HSS Mauritius conference room Port Louis. The main item in the agenda was: The presentation and launching of new Hindu Swayamsewak sangh website:
Amongst suggestions on how to improve the website, the following have been noted:

  • Logo modification + adding of HSS in Hindi font
  • Background colour change
  • uploading of Geet
  • Creation of article on About HSS Mauritius web page
  • Update of Festivities articles
  • Uploading of Guru Ji Govalkar CD (18 volumes)
  • Article on Vishwa Vihbaag
  • Scanning of all images left by Ramesh Ji to Chetan. Uploading of these pictures
  • Creation of WebTeam
  • SMS notification of events to all those who have registered on the Website.
  • Launching of Website - Date: 27 Dec 09 on the occassion of Guru Poornima at Shivaji Shakha, Triolet

Kindly please suggest any more improvements by commenting on this blog post.

New Shivir 2008 photos

The photo gallery 2008 has been created and we are currently uploading the pictures.

Swayamsewaks, if you have pictures/ videos related to this event of last year, kindly please leave a comment (with your email address) so that we could contact you asap in order to have more media files to share on our new website.