Report May 2011

Shri Raghoonath Deeal Ji and Shri Shankar Rao Tatwawadi ji

The month of May 2011 was marked by the visit of the ex-Vishwa Vibhag Samyojak  Shri  Shankar Rao Tatwawadi ji. He was joined by the senior Karyakarta Rameshji Subramaniam. They visited the shakhas at Vallée des Prêtres, Long Mountain, Petit Paquet and Triolet, They met the Executive Committee of Hindu Swayamsewak Sangh and Vishwa Hindu Parishad and also, the Directors of Shishu Niketan.  The most important part of the meetings was with the parents of Swayamsewaks and Sevikas at night. They also met Swami Purnanandji Maharaj, who has always supported HSS and VHP regularly.

Ramesh Subramaniam Ji (Ex-Pracharak Mauritius Swayamsewak Sangh) and Swami Purnanandji Maharaj

Shri Tatwawadi ji, wherever he went, he laid emphasis on the character building of our young and youth. He said that our Swayamsewaks and Sevikas around the world, have set examples of praiseworthy characters at home, at school and at their site of work. He gave examples of Swami Vivekanand and Lord Ram.

He laid emphasis that great man is not born out of a sudden. They have to undergo years of constant practices to achieve perfection. He said this is like a process of Abhishek, where constant flow of drops of water pleases the deity. Shri Tatwawadi ji quoted a poem of Shri Rabindranath Tagore with a small modification, “Not the strokes of the hammer, but the dangling drops of water give perfection to the pebbles found in the bed of the river.” He meant that we do not have to impose on our youth, harsh disciplines or force them to do ‘this and that’, it is through love of Hindu Dharma that we have to, constantly, generate in them the gems of our rich Hindu values and culture.

He stressed that Right Thinking, Right Action and Good Character will easily bring success and fame in life and our swayamsewaks and sevikas will, surely, set example to other countrymen to follow and make our country a model state in the world.

After his departure, Ramesh Subramaniam ji stayed for another fortnight and met with different personalities personally to initiate other cultural activities, such as; spoken Sanskrit, works of Sewa International and swayamsewak exchange programmes within the region. He also promised to open a branch of Sanskar Bharti. He will be sending a group of Ram Lila and two experts in August holidays to train Ramayan Mandalis to perform Ram Lilas during the days preceding Divali.

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