Vedic Mathematics Lecture Invitation

Hindu Swyamsewak Sangh

( MAURITIUS)  Reg.No.10598 (

Cordially invites you and your friends to the lecture (Presentation) on


By Prof. RAVI  KUMAR  IYER ( Mumbai, INDIA)

Date: Monday,1st Aug.2011 ,

Time : 2pm to 3pm,

Venue: University of Mauritius (Lecture theatre)

“Let The Noble Thoughts Comes To Us From All Sides”( Rig veda)


Hindu Swyamsewak Sangh

( MAURITIUS)  Reg.No.10598 (

Cordially invites you all Swyamsewaks & Sewikas for the “WINTER SHIVIR” on 3-4 Aug.2011 (Wed 3 Aug. 2-30 pm to Thu 4 Aug.4pm) at Mahershwarnath  Mandir ( Shiwala) Triolet. This time we have a Senior karyakarta from BHARAT with us, Shree RAVI  KUMAR  IYER ( Joint Global Co ordinater of HSS, Mumbai, INDIA).

In the Shivir, various games Competition, Quiz Competition, & SANCHALAN have been planed, make sure to come.

# Every Participant are requested to bring with them their own bed sheets, pillows, plates, Spoons, Glasses, Towels, Tooth brush, etc. Mattresses will be provided. Also bring your sport shoes

# All Sewikas are requested to participate in SHIVIR on 4th Aug.2011 at 8am.

# All Swyamsewaks / Sewikas must carry HSS uniform (White polo shirt and marine blue tracksuit with three white strips on the sides). It will be available at the SHIVIR for Rs. 250 a set.