Residential Shivir 2010

Dear Swayamsewak, Saprem Namasté!

As you all know, the aim of HSS  is to organize and consolidate the Hindu community, to promote Hindu ideals, spiritual & moral values of life, Yoga & Meditation practice. In that context, we are organizing a 7-day residential SHIBIR from 21st November evening to 27th November 2010 at D.A.V. College, Morcellement Saint André.The SHIBIR Entrance Fee is Rs. 300-. Uniform (White polo shirt and marine blue tracksuit with three white strips on the sides) is compulsory. If you do not have it the same will be available at the training camp for Rs. 250- a set. You will have to bring your sport shoes and at least one Indian outfit (Khurta). Avoid valuable articles, like; mobile phones, gold chains, MP3 players, CD players, excess money or other costly goods. Participants are requested to bring with them their own bed sheets, pillows, plates, spoons, glasses, towels, tooth brush, etc. Mattresses will be provided.

For additional information, please call Shri YOGESH (7610715) , Shri NITIN (7766072) &ASHESH (7948954).And as well you are invited for the “Concluding Ceremony” of SHIBIR on Saturday 27th November 2010, 17 00 at“D.A.V. College, Morcellement Saint André. On that occasion dinner will be served.


Yours Faithful

Ragoonath Deeal

Please print and download the document here:
Invitation For Swayamsewak - Shivir 2010

HSS National Event 2010

Our upcoming national Event is on 4th Aug.2010 at LALMATEE, Sitaram Mandeer.

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In that event we are having KHEL COMPETITION  &  various Sharirik Karyakram, apart from the Shakha team Baithak. ( Ganavesh & Shakha copy essential.

Time:  8-30 am to 3-30pm.

Shikshak Varga 2010

On Monday 12 April 2010, Hindu Swayamsewak Sangh Mauritius organised the Shikshak Varga held at Hindu House Port Louis.

At around 5 pm. Shakha was held with Yogesh Ji as Mukhya Shikshak. Different activities at advanced level were taken like:

  • Niyudh
  • Samata
  • Yog Chaap
  • Khel
  • Sangh Geet

The event was marked with the presence of Sanghchalak, Karyawah and other invitees. At around 8.00 pm we all took Bhojan specially prepared by Gopaul Ji of Vallee des Pretres. Fresh Annanas juice was also served by Sookun Ji. The later being swayamsewaks for more than 30 years sangh ayu.

At around 8.30 pm, we received our special guests who are also bal-swayamsewak in RSS. We took 2 minutes to pay tribute to our ancestors who came from India to work into Mauritius. There was also the presence of Ajay Abbanah Ji, Suman Jeewooth Ji and Ishwarlall Ramjeeawon Ji.

The next Morning, shakha was held.

We broke off at around 10pm after having 'nashta'.

Ugadi Celebrations

The Hindu Swayamsewak Sangh (Mauritius) invites you to Ugadi celebrations to be held on:

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Time: 9.30 a.m.

Venue: Hindu House, Port-Louis

Yugadi (Kannada: ಯುಗಾದಿ, Telugu: ఉగాది) from yuga + aadi, yuga means era, aadi means start. The start of an era) is the new year's day for the people of the Deccan region of India. While the people of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh use the term Yugadi/Ugadhi for this festival, the people of Maharashtra term the same festival, observed on the same day, Gudi Padwa. Sindhis, people from Sindh, celebrate the same day as their New Year day Cheti Chand.

The Kannada and Telugu people celebrate the festival with great fanfare; gatherings of the extended family and a sumptuous feast are 'de rigueur'. The day, however, begins with ritual showers (oil bath) followed by prayers, and then the eating of a specific mixture of -

  • Neem Buds/Flowers for bitterness
  • Raw Mango for tang
  • Tamarind Juice for sourness
  • Green Chilli/Pepper for heat
  • Jaggery and ripe banana pieces for sweetness
  • Pinch of Salt for saltiness

This mixture with all six tastes (షడ్రుచులు), called Yugadi Pachhadi (ఉగాది పచ్చడి) in Telugu and Bevu-Bella( ಬೇವು-ಬೆಲ್ಲ) in Kannada[2], symbolizes the fact that life is a mixture of different experiences (sadness, happiness, anger, fear, disgust, surprise) , which should be accepted together and with equanimity.
Ugadi Pachadi is a special preparation prepared in every Andhra home on Telugu New Year’s day. Its made with fresh tamarind, jaggery(panela), fresh mangoes and neem flowers (margosa). One can add sugarcane, coconut and bananas also. The sweetness of jaggery, the sourness of tamarind, the bitterness of neemflower and the pungent flavor of the green mango skin, spice of the chilli powder ,raw tender mango’s taste and lastly salt form the shadhruchulu or six tastes of the sauce.

Launcing of Website of HSS and Sri Gurudakshina Celebrated at Triolet

Website was Launched by Swami Poornanand Ji, Organized by HSS Mauritius. The function was presided over by Sri Raghunath Deealji, Sanghchalak Mauritius and the chief speaker was Sri Prabhu Narain Srivastava(Prabhuji), Sah Prant Sangh Chalak, Avadh Prant, U.P., Rtd Chief Engineer and All Inda Organizing Secretary of Mahamana Malaviya Mission, India.

The website was launched in the presence of nearly hundred citizens of Mauritius. On this occasion Prabhuji highlighted the three Global problems .i.e. Global Terrorism, Global Recession and Global Warming. The entire world is engaged in resolving these subtle challenges mankind is ever facing. Hindu Dharam, since time immemorial has advocated life vision which addresses these problems in its entirety. It is because of this that the Hinduism has survived since thousands of centuries.

The inclusiveness of Hinduism has the remedy of all these global problems. The mother earth should be milked not bled to satisfy the unending material desires of the mankind, which has resulted into global warming and global recession. The global terrorism is also the outcome of the life vision of exclusivist, who propagates their religion through violence. Shreemad Bhagwad Geeta and other Hindu Scriptures have been awakening the ill effects of Global Terrorism, Recession and Warming since beginning.

It is a matter of satisfaction that mankind has at least started to recognize the efficacy of Hindu philosophy to bring about world piece and sustainable eco-friendly development, the testimony to which is the recitation of Vedic Richas in the Parliament of USA. It is a matter of pride that Mauritius has shown the path of cultural expansion for peace and brotherhood by Harmonizing French, English, Hindi, Bhojpuri and Creol languages.

Besides this the foundation of Trayodash Maurisheshwar Nath Jyotirling, Gangal Talao( Grand Bassin) Mauritius is a step forward to expand its cultural identity across the world. Prabhuji requested all the Hindu saints of India to give the recognition to this Trayodash Maurisheshwar Nath Jyotirling.

After the speech of Prabhuji Swami Poornanand Blessed the HSS for expanding its work in Mauritius. The sanghchalak of Mauritius Sri Raghunath Deealji elaborated the importance of Gurupooja and Bhagwa Dhwaj. All the swayamsevaks offered their oblations and the program was concluded by prarthana.

By- Pragya Srivastava

Non-residential Camp at Belle-Mare (Arunodaye Shakha)

22, 23 ,24 25 Dec 2009 Non-residential Camp at Belle-Mare (Arunodaye Shakha)

At Ganeshwaree Temple, Belle-Mare, we had 4 days non-residential camp. In the camp there were 3 sessions daily. Morning 6.00-8.00 we had training of ‘Danda’, ‘Niyudhana’ and ‘Yogchapa’ and ‘suryanamaskar’. At afternoon 14.00-1500 we had coaching of ‘Flute’, Hence we got basic knowledge about how to play ‘Flute’, which is a part of our ‘Ghosh’ (Band) training. Also at evening 17.30-18.30, the session had articulated in such a way that we received knowledge about different ‘Yogasanas’ and also the ‘Drill’ (samata) part of our Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh, i.e, orders ‘Daksha’, ‘Arama’, ‘Dwaj Pranam’ etc.

After the end of morning sessions, Shree Vishwamiraji has been telling us ‘Moral Stories’ which deeply inculcates ‘Valuable life values’ in all swayamsevaks and sevikas.

On 25th Dec 2009 we had our ‘concluding Ceremony’ at exactly 3 p.m

At beginning there were ‘Sanchalan’ of near about 60 swayamsevaks and sevikas. ‘Sanchalan’ starts with ‘Ghosh’ (Band) on main route of Belle-Mare. The local people keenly appreciate this discipline march of all swayamsevaks and sevikas.

After this we had demonstration by Arunodaye Shakha (Belle-Mare) following Gurugovind Singh Shakha (Montagne Blanche).

Deepa and Ashmita are the sevikas from Montagne Blanche who conducted demonstration of ‘Yogasan’, ‘Danda’ and ‘Niyudhana’. And Mavnish, Varun and sevika Varuna from Belle-Mare conducted demonstration of ‘Yogchapa’, ‘Danda’ and ‘Niyudhana’.

At last we all together sung “Galat Maat Kadam Uthao” followed by Amrut Vachanam of Swami Vivekananda by sevika Divya from Arunodaye Shakha.

Near about 50 parents were present in the program. After Sandipji’s (pracharak of HSS) speech about Gurupuja and all performed gurupujan in the presence of our Sanghchalak, Shree Ragoonath Deealji.

After ‘Sangh Praarthana’ the ‘karyakram’ ended and we distributed ‘prasad’ to everyone.

By Varun and Mavnish

Shivir (Varg) 2009

Varga 2009 of the Hindu,  Swayamsewak Sangh (Mauritius) was held at the D.A.V. College, Morcellement Saint André, from Monday November 23, to Sunday November 29 2009.

Some 60 Swayamsewaks and 20 Sevikas from 19 Shakhas of the island attended the residential seminar. It was held under the guidance of Shri Sandip Subash Paithankar Ji, Pracharak of Mauritius.

The daily programmed started at 4h 30 with Jagaran, 5h00 with Morning Sandhya and Dhwajarohan, followed by Sharirik till 7h30 for breakfast, 9h00 to 10h30 Ghosh and Khel, 11h00 to noon, Baudkia followed by lunch, 14:20 charcha, 15h30 tea break, 16h00 Baudhika, 17h00 Sanghathan Karyakram, 20h00 Bhojan, 21h00 Ratri Karyakram and lights off at 10h00.

The Sanghchalak, Shri Ragoonath Deeal Ji, emphasized on the need of five-fold development of a swayamsewak and a sevika; Physical, Mental, Intellectual, Moral and Spiritual. The only mantra to overall success is discipline, hard work in respective fields of study and perseverance with determination. The theme of the seminar was 'Living a life with an aim'. The Karyavah, Shri Bala Mukan Ji, the Manager and the Rector of the D.A.V College, the President of the Mauritius Sanatan Dharma Temples Federation, Shri Sonduth Dulthumon Ji, the President of Arya Sabha Mauritius, Shri Satyadeo Peertham ji, the Baudhik Pramukh Acharya Vishwamitra Beekharry ji and the Secretary of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Shri Ajay Abbana ji, delivered Baudhik in which they all stressed on the need of unity among Hindus and shunning away the modern evils of the society.

This year we had the presence of almost all the Shikshak and Shikshikas. They all excelled in Samta, Sanchalan, Ghosh, Niyudh, Yogasan, Khel and Vyayam Yoga. On the Samarop of the Varga, some fifty parents were present and they were amazed by the performance of their wards. It was a rich experience and many ancient Swayamsewaks who are now renown professionals, came to stay at least one night with the participants and share with them their Varga nostalgia.