Half Day Seminar April 2017 Participation Form

Bhawani Shakha (Caroline, Vallee des Pretres) is pleased to invite you for a half day seminar at Bhawani Sabha, Bhawani Kshetra (Caroline). The Seminar is open to all boys and girls and Parents should sign attached consent form to allow their ward to participate.

Topics to be covered:

  1. Introduction to Vedic Maths
  2. Public Speaking
  3. Youth, Drugs and Sports
  4. The Challenges of Life

Refreshments will be provided at the end.

HSS seminar Participation Form

HSS Family Gathering 2017 (Parivaar Sammelan)

Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh, Mauritius. (Reg. No.10598)

Invite You & Your Family Members.



Venue: Mont Choisy Public Beach

When: Sunday 09th April 2017 , 9.30am. To 1.30pm.


We look forward to seeing you!



SOOMAN JEEWOOTH (57979620 ­Coordinator Parivaar Sammelan, HSS Mauritius.)

You are hereby requested to invite all the swayamsewaks/sevikas and their family and wellwishers to attend this Sammelan.

Invitation - Family Gathering Day 2015

The Hindu Swayamsewak Sangh

has the pleasure to invite you and your family to its annual Family Gathering Day

Date: Saturday 21st March 2015

Time: 10 am to Noon

Venue: Mon Choisy Beach

Our Chief Guest would grace the Ugadi Festival Day by his presence.

Quiz competitions and Khels will also be held for everyone.

We hope to see you soon !

which will be held on :


5251 2757

Shivir 2014 - Invitation

Dear Swayamsewak,

Saprem Namasté,
As you all know, the aim of HSS is to organize and consolidate the Hindu community, to promote Hindu ideals and values of life, like; good citizenship, good character, self discipline, self-confidence, selfless service, to keep away our youth from drugs and illicit drinks, to inculcate in them human values, to maintain Hindu cultural identity and harmony in family and community. In that context, we are organizing a 6-day Sangh Shiksha Verga SSV from 24th November 2014 evening to 29th November 2014 at Chinmay Mission , Beau Bassin.

The participation must be in Form 5 and above. The fee is Rs. 300-.
Uniform (White polo shirt and marine blue tracksuit with three white strips on the sides) is compulsory. If you do not have it the same will be available at the training camp for Rs. 250- a set. You will have to bring your sport shoes and at least one Indian outfit (Khurta). Avoid valuable articles, like; mobile phones, gold chains, MP3 players, CD players, excess money or other costly goods. Participants are requested to bring with them their own bed sheets, pillows, plates, spoons, glasses, towels, tooth brush, etc. Mattresses will be provided.
Yours Faithfully
Sooman Jeewooth

HSS Family Gathering 2014

Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh, Mauritius. (Reg. No.10598)

Invite You & Your Family Members.



Where: Mont Choisy Public Beach

Registration Fee: Rs150/­ (Per Family)

When: Monday, 31 March. 2014, 9.30am. To 1.30pm.

There will be arrangement of                                                                           delicious food after programme.

We look forward to seeing you!




(57284741 ­ President , HSS Mauritius.)

SOOMAN JEEWOOTH (57979620 ­Secretary, HSS Mauritius.)

Family Gathering - 7 April 2013 at Pamplemousses Garden

Please note that the venue of the Family Gathering has changed to Botanical Garden Pamplemousses near Samadhi of SSR on Sunday 7 March 12 to 3 p.m.

Don't forget to tell them that Bhojan is Bring and Share.

You are requested to invite all swayamsevaks, sevikas ,their families and wellwishers.

Please note that Annual General Meeting will be held on the same day at the same venue.

Invitation: Swami Purnanand ji Felicitation programme

2012 Invitation for Swami Purnanand Felicitation Programme

Mauritius has been blessed by the visit and guidance of many saintly persons. The most famous was Mahatma Gandhi who visited the island in 1901 and gave valuable advice to the then oppressed Indian indentured labourers. We are all well aware how taking the right cue from his advice the Indian community rose up against the colonial British Empire and ultimately achieved independence from the tyrannical regime in 1968.


Over the years, since, many torch bearers from our ancestral motherland, India, have come to spread the message of Vedic Dharma amongst the Indian population here. They stayed for variable lengths of time, and set up or helped to set up associations or formal institutions to carry on their work.


Many Hindu sects and missions have established themselves in Mauritius. Ramakrishna Mission, Chinmaya Mission, Divine Life Society are a few of them which were set up by the visit of religious preachers or Swamis. They are all actively contributing in strengthening and promoting our culture and religion here.


Unique contribution:

But, the work and mission of Swami Purnanandji is unique. He has created an indigenous mission in Mauritius. He arrived in Mauritius in the pre-independence period in 1962. He had a clear vision about the mission ahead.


He adopted the till then unpopular katha and bhajans to arouse the Hindu society. As expected, the bhajans and kathias soon mesmerized the Hindu community in Mauritius. In fact, it is common knowledge that bhajan and kjrtan singing groups have increased and are present in all localities, and are very active. Swami ji has performed hundreds of such kathas in so many remote villages apart from the bigger ones and towns in Mauritius


He established the Sarvodaya Ashram to begin with. Instead of going back to Kenya, from where he arrived here, he decided to personally continue the work in his own style of bhajan singing. This was no doubt the most appropriate method at a given period in our social and religious evolution.


His several ashrams in Mauritius have guest-houses where numerous religious and socio-cultural workers have stayed from periods ranging from days to years.


Swami ji has paid special attention to our suffering womenfolk especially the widows and those abandoned from their homes. He is considered as an elderly patriarch in thousands of families. He visits them regularly always bringing the Thakurji to bless their homes. He is always with them; whether joy or grief.


In recognition of the service of Swamiji the Mauritian government has rightly granted him Mauritian nationality. Swamiji was born in Bharat, grew up in Kenya, acquired British citizenship but worked all his life for the well being of the Hindu community in Mauritius. We are honoured that he belongs to us.


Late Ma. Bhide ji and Ma. Jagdish ji Sharda commenced visits to Mauritius in early 60’s and from then on Swami ji has nurtured a special relation with visiting pracharaks, adhikaris, karyakartas, swayamsevaks of Sangh or affiliated organizations from Bharat or other countries.


Late Ma. Madhavrao Banhatti who was pracharak from 1977 to 1989 in Mauritius stayed at Sarvodaya Ashram throughout.


Golden Jubilee of Spiritual Service

Swami ji has served Mauritius for fifty long years. Swami Purnanand ji is just not an individual He is an institution. He is among the foremost religious preachers who have left an indelible imprint in the life of Hindus in Mauritius. He is a living legend.


Felicitation to mark the Golden Jubilee of spiritual service

To mark the 86th birth anniversary and his 50 years of yeomen service to the Hindu community of Mauritius, it has been decided to honour this noble soul for his contribution. Since the real honour for Swami ji would be to revitalize our society with the virtues of our culture, it has been decided to organize a unique Ram Katha by Pujya Sant Atul Krishna Bharadwaj ji of Brindavan, Mathura, Bharat.


The purpose of the felicitation is to honour the tradition of selfless service to religion, culture and traditions which is a hallmark of Hindu society. We are enjoying the fruits of labour of our ancestors.


The felicitation is meant no doubt highlight the contributions of Swamiji in uplifting and propagating vedic dharma in the country. At the same time, it will be an opportunity for Hindus to reflect on the long way they have travelled since their ancestors were brought over to work in the cane fields, the dire conditions under which the latter laboured to make a living with their meagre earnings and to bring up their families, the oppressive regime to which they were subjected, their sacrifices and the tenacious spirit which made them brave obstacles to preserve their culture against all odds.


Pujya Sant Atul Krishna Bharadwaj ji

Pujya Sant Atul Krishna Bharadwaj ji is the founder of Mangal Bhavan Trust at Brindavan, Mathura. He is very young and is gifted with a supreme and divine talent in performing Ram Katha.


He has performed numerous Ram Katha in Bharat and last year organized one at Ashok Vatika at Sri Lanka. In April 2012 he travelled to Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore and performed Ram Katha aboard a cruise.


He was a pracharak of Sangh for some years and has drawn the lessons of rashtra bhakti and dharma bhakti from Sangh.


Along with the traditional message of Ram Katha Pujya, Sant Atul Krishna Bharadwaj ji will also be addressing the Hindu society on various contemporary issues that confront us today.  Visit http://www.mangalbhawan.com/


In a way, this felicitation through a Ram Katha will be a unique one as it is held to mark the Golden Jubilee of spiritual service of Swami of Purnanand ji who was the pioneer of the katha tradition in Mauritius.


Dharma Bhushan Awards

Vishwa Hindu Parishad (Mauritius) had in the past awarded the Dharma Bhushan Awards in 2001 and 2003. The first was on the occasion of Vishwa Dharma Prasar Yatra and the second on the occasion of Dharma Jagaran Abhiyaan held to commemorate the Amrut Mahotsav of Swami Purnanand ji.


The 3rd Dharma Bhushan Awards to ten selfless and silent social workers from different linguistic, social and professional backgrounds is also being planned to honour them for their contri­bution to the Hindu society. It is the work, of such selfless individuals that has nurtured and sus­tained our cultural heritage over thousands of years.


This will give an opportunity to reflect on the noble values practiced by our ancestors and also to pass to our younger generation the treasurers of our culture. This will be the humble tribute to Swami ji for the 50 glorious years of contribution that he has offered to the Hindu society of Mauritius.

A committee has to be constituted with Heads of all major national socio-cultural-religious organizations and previous awardees to select / suggest names for the D B Awards.


National Organising Committee

A National Organising Committee is to be constituted comprising of all the national socio-cultural and religious Hindu organizations of the country to make them aware of the importance of this event.


Ram Katha will be held at the Sarvodaya Ashram at Triolet and a Special Function will be held at  RTI on June 16th where concluding ceremony and felicitations will take place and D B Awards given.   


Visit of 10 to 12 families from Bharat

About 20 families from Mumbai and Delhi are arriving to participate in the Ram Katha and be apart of the felicitation and also enjoy the spiritual beauty as well as the scenic beauty of Mauritius.


Delegation consisting visiting dignitaries along with Pujya Atul ji will pay visits to institutions and meet with meet VIPs

The following is the list of institutions, offices and individuals that are proposed to be met.


  1. PM
  2. President
  3. High Commission of Bharat
  4. Arya Sabha
  5. Temple Federation
  6. Hindu Maha Sabha
  7. Ramkrishna Mission
  8. Chinmaya Mission
  9. Ramayana Centre
  10. Human Service Trust
  11. MGI / IGCIC
  12. Chitrakoot
  13. HSS Shakha
  14. VHP / HSS baithak



Ram Katha - June 8 to 14, 2012 – 7 to 9 pm at Triolet Sarvodaya Ashram.

Public Felicitation Programme – Saturday 16th June 2 to 5 pm at MGI.



Swami Purnanand ji arrived in Mauritius from Kenya. BSS adhikaris, karyakarta and awayamsevaks have long been in touch with his Naker family there.


The later generation of Naker family moved to UK and have established themselves in the printing business and made a mark in the industry. They have also left indelible imprints in the thousands of families, friends and well wishers connected with Sangh / Samiti / VHP / Sewa in UK because M/s Chatham Printers owned by Naker family have printed the souvenir magaziness on the occasion of 1997 Bradford Hindu Marathon and 1989 Virat Hindu Sammelan held at Milton Keynes.


Swami ji has also established 4 ashrams in Mauritius and is willing to give the same to VHP to further the cause of establishing Hindu awakening and consolidating solidarity.


In view of this background it is very essential that a senior functionary of VHP attends the function to deliver Keynote Address.