Bajarangbali Shakha Outing - Dec 2014


On Wed 03 December 2014, the Bajarangbali Shakha of Vallee des Pretres proceeded on an outing . 24 Swayamsewaks, 27 sevikas and 12 parents were present for the outing. It was decided to visit the Apravasi Ghat so as to make the swayamsewak aware of  the history of how and in what condition our ancestors arrived to Mauritius . AS IT IS A WORLD HERITAGE SITE we were very much surprised about the renovation work carried on the site and the valuable information received. We received the help of two guides.

Then we proceeded to SSR International Airport at Plaisance to visit the police helicopters and airplanes. All Swayamsewaks/Sevikas had the opportunity to sit in the helicopters in turn. They acquired maximum information regarding the planes and helicopters. Tt was very enthousiatic and interesting.

At around 12.30 hrs we proceeded to Lacambuse seaside. After lunch, at 14.00 hrs we had one hour Shakha on the seaside. Baudhik, Yog khel geet and prathna were also taken. All were present including parents. They also participated in the activities and all were very happy.

At last we went to visit PONT NATUREL. It was a very nice experience.