Pravas in Mauritius

The Pravas of Shri Sandip Paithankar ji in Mauritius

Shri Sandip Subhash Paithankar ji arrived in Mauritius on the November 20, 2009 in the context of Varga 2009. He was already imbibed with the spirit of the Varga as he had already chalked out its plan in the plane itself.

The Shikshaks were invited at the Guru Govindsing Shakha at Petit Paquet, Montagne Blanche where two-day Shiksha Varga was held on 21 and 22, November 2009. The pracharak was satisfied with the performance of the 10 Shikshaks who were present. After the first day training it was decided that there was no need for second-day training.

Varga 2009 of the Hindu Swayamsewak Sangh (Mauritius) was held at the D.A.V. College, Morcellement Saint Andre, from Monday 23 to Sunday29, November, 2009.

Some 60 Swayamsewaks and 20 Sevikas from 19 Shakhas of the island attended the residential seminar. It was held under the guidance of Shri Sandip Subash Paithankar ji, Pracharak of Mauritius.

The daily programme started at 4h30 with Jagaran, 5h00 with Morning Sandhya and Dhwajarohan, followed by Sharirik till 7h30 for breakfast, 9h00 to 10h30 Ghosh and Khel, 11h00 to noon, Baudhika followed by lunch, 14h30 charcha, 15h30 tea break, 16h00 Baudhika, 17h00 Sanghsthan Karyakram, 20h00 Bhojan, 21h00 Ratri Karyakram and lights off at 10h00.

The Sanghchalak, Shri Ragoonath Deeal ji, emphasized on the need of five-fold development of a swayamsewak and a sevika; Physical, Mental, Intellectual, Moral and Spiritual. ‘The only mantra to overall success is discipline, hard work in respective fields of study and perseverance with determination’ said the Sanghchalak. The theme of the seminar was ‘Living a life with an aim.’

The Karyavah, Shri Bala Mukan ji, the Manager and the Rector of the D.A.V. College, Sarvashri Kamal Domah and Jayman Shobnath ji, the President of the Mauritius Sanatan Dharma Temples Federation, Shri Somduth Dulthumon ji, the President of Arya Sabha Mauritius, Shri Satyadeo Peertham ji, the Baudhik Pramukh, Acharya Vishwamitra Beekharry ji, the Pracharak Shri Sandip ji and the Secretary of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Shri Ajay Abbana ji, delivered Baudhik in which they all stressed on the need of unity among Hindus and shunning away the modern evils of the society. They also reminded the qualities of a good swayamsewak and the principles of a good shakha.

This year we had the presence of almost all the Shikshaks and Shikshikas. They all excelled in Samta, Sanchalan, Ghosh, Yogchap, Niyudh, Yogasan, Khel and Vyayam Yoga. On the Samarop of the Varga, some fifty parents were present and they were amazed by the performance of their wards.

It was a very rich experience and many ancient Swayamsewaks, who are now renowned professionals, came to stay at least one night with the participants and share with them their Varga nostalgia.

After the Varga, Shri Sandeep ji visited 8 shakhas and held mini vargas of 3 to 5 days each with a Samarop Karyakram where the parents were invited to witness what their children had learned. There were, at least, two Road Sanchalan Karyakram; one at Vallee des Pretres and the second at Belle Mare.

We had also a Vihar Karyakram at Belle Mare on December 25, 2009, where swayamsewaks, sevikas and their parents were present. Food brought by the parents was shared among all those present.

On the December 30, 2009, the website of the Hindu Swayamsewak Sangh, ( was officially launched at Maheswarnath Mandir Hall by Swami Purnanand ji Maharaj in the presence of Shri Ragoonath Deeal ji, the Sanghchalak of HSS Mauritius, Shri Sudama Girdhary ji, the president of Vihwshwa Hindu Parishad Mauritius and Shri Prabhu Narain Shrivastava ji, the Prant Sanghchalak of Avadha Prant, India. Swayamsewaks and well wishers of 10 villages were present.

Swami Purnanand ji Maharaj praised the relentless work of the Sangh in the country and appealed to the youth to abstain from the evils of the modern world.

Prabu ji, on that occasion, presented a copy of his work on the Bhagwadgita to the Sanghchalak of Mauritius. In his margadarshan, he laid stress that the major problems of this world today could be solved by the teachings of our Vedantas and the Bhagwadgita.

And Ragoonath Deeal ji explained the reason behind adoring an inanimate object as the symbol of a Guru. He gave many examples to justify the Bhagwa Dhwaj as the Guru of the swayamsewaks.

In the early 2010, precisely, after January 4, 2010, Sandip ji continued with the training of swayamsewaks and sevikas of Guru Govindsingh Shaka and visited Lallmatie, Brisee Verdiere, Triolet and Barlow shakhas with the same purpose.

He is returning back to India tomorrow evening.

Visit of a dyanamic Karyakarta from Kenya

During the week 18 to 23 December, 2009, a Karyakarta from Kenya, Mayur Sheer, came to work in Mauritius for a week on behalf of his company SAGEM to install fibre-optics for international communication network.

He had, first visited Mauritius in 1997 during that year’s varga with a senior Karyakarta Shri Rao ji from Kenya.

During his present stay he found some hours to visit Karyakartas and Shakhas of the country. He was received by the Guru Govindsingh Shakha where he imparted his past experience with the Swayamsewaks and taught them new games.

Shri Mayur Sheer also presented publications of the Hindu Swayamsewak Sangh Kenya to the Sanghchalak, Ragoonath Deeal ji. He left Mauritius on December 23, 2009.

He paid another visit to Mauritius on December 28, 2009 as his job in Mauritius was not finished. This time he came with his family. Even then, he found time to visit swayamsewaks with his family and had priti-bhoj with them. He left Mauritius on January 6, 2010 with full of memories.

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